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#fbf to a couple of weekends ago at Husky Revue!

Husky Revue is the annual, super-important, long-awaited HBU talent show- the best of the best show their stuff and sing, dance, or even do spoken word and painting (Shout out to Andre and Lupe!)

Enter Kyle Smith, who won third place in the whole competition.

Congrats to all who performed! It was definitely a great show to be a part of!


1. GSF (Gospel Student Fellowship)

2. FSA (Filipino Student Association)

3. Kyle Smith

Shout out to Daniel Addaclog, fellow HBU Blogger, photog extraordinaire, and the best jam session buddy a music major could ever have!!

^^Shout out to Daniel Adaclog, fellow HBU Blogger, photog extraordinaire, and the best jam session buddy a music major could ever have!!

In my short few months here at HBU, I have met some wonderful people, some of those being the lovely ladies of suite 13. In my suite mates I have found friends, confidants, sisters in Christ, and pure comedy. One of the best decisions I made when I decided to come to HBU was to live on campus in the Women’s Residence College (WRC). 

First off, living on campus is extremely beneficial due to the ability to be more active in campus activities, clubs, and organizations. There is always something to do on campus and living right here makes all easier to attend and enjoy.

If you do make the wise decision to live on campus, as an incoming freshman female, there is the opportunity to live in either the Mest or the WRC. There are quite a few differences between the two, mainly concerning the number of girls in a suite. In the WRC there are four rooms (each with two girls) connected by a living room and kitchen area, with two bathrooms connecting two rooms. A total of eight girls. The Mest suites include two rooms, connected by a bathroom, four girls. That may sound confusing, so to clear things up, visit http://www.hbu.edu/HBU/media/HBU/publications/residentiallife/Floorplans-Residence-Colleges_1.pdf .

For me the choice was easy, being the not-so-social butterfly that I am, I chose the WRC because I knew I needed to live with as many people as possible in hopes that I would befriend some of them. And now here we are, practically inseparable and planning to live together for the next three years. 

Don’t get me wrong, not all roommates and suite mates get along swimmingly, but if you don’t give it a chance, you’ll never get the full college experience of living on campus. 

Community Service - Giving the Gift of Sight

Hey guys, it’s Sherman again. This time I want to share with yall a very special club that I’m involved with here at HBU. It’s called the Pre-Optometry Professional’s Society (POPS). Optometry, as you may know, is the healthcare field that deals with your vision and the health of your eyes. 

My favorite part of this club is probably the fact that we get to do unique vision screenings throughout the Houston community. Last weekend, we went to a church in North Houston, quite a long ways form our school, called New Oasis Baptist Church and conducted vision screenings and educated the community on proper eye health and eye management. We also offered a program to get free glasses for those who didn’t have the means. I think glasses and contacts are some of the greatest things we take for granted. Can you imagine going your whole life without ever having access to a decent pair of specs? Incredible. However, so many people we talked with never even knew they had trouble seeing with visual acuities worst than 20/50, much less needed glasses. 

Being part of POPS is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a student at HBU. I’ve made a handful of close friends, but I actually get to help people directly. I’ve done a lot of community service projects with other groups where I just plant trees, or unfold boxes in a warehouse, but what POPS allows us to be a part of is something truly special.

Please enjoy some pics of POPS in action.

Freshman Concerns

As a class, it is important for us to have our concerns heard by our campus. Everything we experience here is important, and we kind of have a right to have an awesome one. Luckily, HBU completely agrees, and Freshman Council is here to help that process along. 

Have you ever heard of Freshman Council? If not, that’s a darn shame, because today was our Town Hall meeting. Freshman Council is the voice of the Freshman Class; if you have any suggestions for making your experience here all the better, we are the ones you need to talk to. Town Meetings are like a whole hour dedicated to that, except it’s with a larger audience. It wasn’t actually in the Hall of any Town, but it was certainly productive.  At today’s meeting, students suggested several things that would improve the experience at HBU (for instance, we all agreed that more activities on the weekend would be fantastic for keeping the community at HBU active).
During the meeting, Benny Gilbert from Aramark gave a Q&A to help answer questions specifically about the Baugh and general condition of food at HBU. Perhaps one of the most common responses to concerns regarding food was “Did you tell someone?” It may be easy to forget that we can fix a lot of the problems we find by asking someone for help. If the juice machine is out of juice, ask someone to refill it. If there’s a food item missing from, let’s say, the salad bar, ask someone what’s up. If spoons keep running out, ask someone to find those slippery devils. The staff at the Baugh are always willing to help. And, as always, if you have any concerns, suggestions, or compliments, you can contact Benny (gilbert-benny@aramark.com ) and he will be happy to assist you, listen to you, and graciously accept those compliments. 

With all of the suggestions today kept in mind, we can (and will) speak with HBU staff (who check in on us regularly) about what the needs of the freshmen class are. As always, HBU seeks to improve the quality of student’s experience here. Please remember that they can’t fix a problem they haven’t been told about! Whether you’re a prospective HBU student or a current freshmen, remember that Freshman Council and HBU are here for you, and that we’re always striving to be better. 
And, hey, if you’re a prospective student, you should look into joining Freshman Council. It’s fun, productive, and you get to help out your class. 

As always, stay classy, huskies. 


Hey what’s up guys. My name is Sherman and I am a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major at HBU. I plan on going to medical school in the near future. I’ll be sharing some of my experiences in our Science Program. It’s definitely challenging, but manageable and stimulating. 

I am currently taking Microbiology. We work with real bacteria in lab to get an in-depth understanding of how they affect our environment and how they cause infectious diseases.


This is my petri dish with Eosin Methylene Blue agar filled with Proteus mirabilis, which can cause an infection in your gut. 


Check out an under the microscope look of what was in my petri dish. This  technique is known as Differential gram staining. 

Until next time,

You, my dear readers, might be wondering why I have not posted anything the past few weeks. The answer is simple. Midterms came and went. Thankfully those are over now, but from about the week before spring break to two weeks after might be the most hectic weeks of college. Not only do you have to study for big tests, but you also have big paper assignments and other projects to start working on. Having just survived, I have a few tips that might make your experience easier.

1) Pray and have others pray for you. No joke. I wanted to despair so many times, and I thought that I would never get everything done. Yet, sure enough, the Lord strengthened me and helped me push through.

2) Start studying in advance. Cramming the day before helps sometimes, but it also makes you neglect the regular homework. Start studying for your test (even if in just little bits) a week or two a head of time so that you really have the information stuck in your mind as opposed to the cramming method of stuff and dump.

3) Get plenty of sleep amidst the rough times. So often we avoid sleep and stay up studying. However, sleep helps us remember our material and enables us to take tests and study better. Lack of sleep is not good for your body, especially when you get sick in the middle of all of this.

With that, I hope you can apply these thing to you life to have a better college experience!

"Based on the gift each one has received, use it to serve others, as good managers of the varied grace of God. If anyone speaks, it should be as one who speaks God’s words; if anyone serves, it should be from the strength God provides, so that God may be glorified through Jesus Christ in everything. To Him belong the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.”-  1 Peter 4:10-11 (HCSB)

And this is why we defend the choral arts.

On the third night of the Schola Cantorum choir tour, after good singing and good food, the Lord laid it on Kevin’s (in purple) heart to give the extra food we had to the homeless of Little Rock, AK. 

We had no idea the night we had ahead of us.

We met so many beautiful, selfless people- some were homeless, but most of them lived in the Historic Albert Pike Hotel, an apartment complex that also serves as a place of rehabilitation for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. 

One of those people- the lovely Miss Carol, allowed us to sing for her and her fellow residents.

The joy, hope, strength and endurance that emanated from each person we encountered will be forever burned into my heart. Their prayers for us will forever ring in my ears. This was honestly the best night of the choir trip for me and the others. We pray for the opportunity to serve, to love, to sing like this again.

Song: “My Flight for Heaven” by Blake Henson

**Special thanks to Ronnie Williford, security guard for the hotel! Without him we wouldn’t have been able to touch and be touched by so many beautiful souls!

The fact that you all made their day through your calling of Gods [sic] work and beautiful voices. They will always remember that night… Thank you all.”- Ronnie Wiliford

Ronnie (security guard), Miss Carol, and other residents of the Albert Pike Hotel taking a picture with us Schola kids<3